me as a musician

I've loved music since I was a child. Especially learning instruments and music styles: I'm no multi-instrumentalist, but there's something truly special about the process of finding your voice on a new instrument.

I'm currently 1.5 years into learning the electric guitar, and this journey has taken me through time and space — I know it sounds corny, but bear with me.

I used to have unreasonable distaste for trap/hip-hop, and unexpectedly, the guitar (more accurately, the band Polyphia) opened my eyes (and ears!) to the genre through metal-trap-latin fusion music.

^ Here I am making a fool of myself playing one of their harder songs. Polyphia's music is dizzyingly technical, and this has really pushed me to grow — at least I think it has!

Truthfully though, I'm a jazz player at heart. The saxophone and jazz have shaped my musical taste. So sometimes I try to bring out my voice as a saxophonist on the guitar.

^ This is one of my favourite R&B-ish tunes I've recorded. This kind of stuff is incredibly fun to play and teaches harmony, to me, in a way that's a lot more accessible than studying jazz theory.

my work