currently: contributing to reinforcement learning research @ MIT Media Lab, making podcasts on inspiring students, and playing Polyphia on guitar

hi! I'm Arya เค†เคฐเฅเคฏเคพ !

I'm 19 years old, born and raised in Singapore and am currently serving in the Singapore Armed Forces.

I've always been curious about the magical things that technology can do โ€” that's why I've spent my teenage years exploring the field alongside my two best buddies (Khush and Taichi). Along the way we built our own startup, conducted NLP research, and hackathon-hopped around Asia.

In junior and senior years of high school, I wanted to seek intellectually diverse perspectives and broaden my horizons, so I focused on Philosophy and Pure Mathematics. Thanks to this, I'm now learning about many fields beyond just tech: linguistics, storytelling, mental health and law.

I graduated from UWCSEA in the summer of 2020, and I'm now serving two years of compulsory national service before university. I'm really excited to use this time to grow and experiment.

Here's my email if you want to chat or work on something together!

some tech I've built

hackathon experience (hosting & hacking)

5x hackathon wins & 3x hackathons organised, details in my resume!

music (playing & writing)

click here to find out more about my music work